Working Together

In individual therapy, we will work together on identifying unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that come in the way of leading the life you want.

Specifically, we will work towards increasing your awareness of the constellation of your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and experiences that all come together to make the person you know as…you. With awareness, you will begin to have the information you need to make meaningful changes in your life.

As an individual therapist, some of the main issues I work with include:

Insights And Action

My own work with clients recognizes the power of gaining insight. That said, insight is not enough. It must be followed with action if we are to lead lives that feel both meaningful and empowered.

Empowering You

Therapy is not merely about the eradication or elimination of unhelpful patterns, but about the creation of helpful and empowering patterns.

The answer we work towards is not just: “I don’t want to feel this anymore,” but rather:“I feel empowered, because I know what it takes to move towards the life I want to lead.