I’m Dr. Philip Jai Johnson (he/him), Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist -and I’m so glad you’re here.

I imagine that you are reading this because you are looking for some kind of direction, healing, and support to make more meaningful, empowering choices in your life.

Here’s how I can help.

Do you want to explore emotion, discover your power, and make meaningful decisions?

Are you or your partner experiencing struggles with anxiety, depression, work stress, low self-worth, or relationship and sexual intimacy difficulties?

I’d like to help.

Together we work to help you (re)discover the intentionality you need to make decisions about your own life that feel both empowered and meaningful.

Discover more about how we can work together and my approach to therapy here

While social distancing measures are in place, please note that I am only offering virtual or phone appointments.

Thank you for your understanding – and please email me here if you have any queries or click the button below.


Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a form of talk therapy of which the specific purpose is aimed at enhancing an individual’s sexuality and erotic expression, as well as sexual intimacy and connectedness in relationships.

Couples Therapy

As a couples’ therapist, I look at the pattern that develops when two worlds collide, that is, the ways in which two individuals’ thoughts, feelings, histories, and behaviours interact with each other.

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, we will work together towards identifying unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that come in the way of leading the life you want.